Hyper-V , HP network teaming and VMSMP Event ID 28

2015/10/19 10:02
HP network teaming
Installing HP DL370 G6 server with 4 integrated network cards and following the HP recommendation about the installation sequence as specified:
Host OS: Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise with SP1

(1) install Hyper-V and all updates without virtual network

(2) install HP NCU

(3) Create network team

(4) Create virtual network (dedicated - giving no access for the management OS to use the same network card/team)

After installing and starting also the client virtual machine connected to the virtual network switch that use the previously configured HP network team, VMSMP Event ID 28 started registering several times per second in the hosting server's event log.

Port '529A1CA5-B115-408F-8377-81047D9ACCEE' was prevented from using MAC address '00-15-5D-70-44-02' because it is pinned to port '17BACDBF-37A0-4B3C-ADF2-043F4E146E97'.


VMSMP Event ID 28 were solved installing the recent version of HP NCU (Network configuration utility) dated 11 Nov 2011 and the coresponding network adapter drivers (need server restart). After the update:

* remove all defined MS virtual networks

* set an IP address on the HP network team and test ping to it

* if ping success, then define virtual network using the HP network team and allow the host OS to use it

* test ping to the same IP again and monitor the server's log for VMSMP Event 28

* Configure client virtual machine to use this virtual network and start the VM

* monitor the host server event log. VMSMP event 28 shall not appear.

* stop the VM (shutdown it)

* Change the virtual network configuration and remove the host OS access to the virtual network (the one that is configure to use the HP network team)

* start the client VM again and monitor the host event log for VMSMP event ID 28. It shall not appear.

VMSMP event ID 28 solved? Let us know.