Windows Forms C# - Forms and Dialogs

Forms and dialogs in Windows Forms are windows that contain controls. They can be different types: to have or to not have a frame, to be modular or not to be, to be stretchable or not to be, to be above all other windows or not to be, and so on. The System.Windows.Forms.Form class The System.Windows.Forms.Form class is a base class for all for
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2018/02/02 22:01

Ivan Belchev – Professional Resume

Ivan Belchev

Date of Birth: 12 August 1991
Telephone: +359 52 970 993
Address: 54, Debar Str., Varna 900, Bulgaria

2018/04/10 14:49

Milko Minchev – Professional resume

MBM Project = Milko Belchev Minchev Project , is registered on 23.04.2003

Dear Reader, 

My name is Milko Minchev and I am the owner and developer of this web site. 

I am passionate about Information Technology Infrastructure architecture and support, Software development C# and .NET Framework.

My complete professional resume available here Milko_Minchev_CV.PDF 

2011/10/28 19:15