SmartMarine 3D - Show recent objects in the work space

2013/12/09 14:48

Database platform: MS SQL server Product: SmartMarine 3D, SmartPlant 3D (SM3D, SP3D) Task: Show in the work space all objects created or edited recently For troubleshooting and for monitoring purposes it is useful sometimes not only to get a list of the objects created or edited recently, but also to show these objects in the work space.

To get the recently edited or created objects using SQL query, create in SM3D (SP3D) SQL based filter and key in the following

select oid from JDObject where datecreated > DATEADD(hour, -5, getdate()) or datelastmodified > DATEADD(hour, -5, getdate())

The SQL filter from the example will show all objects created or edited during the last two hours if the PC clock is using timezone GMT+3. SmartMarine 3D SQL filter workspace