SmartMarine 3D - Get list of deleted objects by user, date and time

2013/12/09 14:48

DB platform: MS SQL server

Product: SmartMarine 3D, SmartPlant 3D (SM3D, SP3D)

Task: Get list of deleted objects by specific user or/and on specific date and time

A list of the deleted objects is avalable from project's Reports database ( xxxx_RDB ).

Use SQL Server Managment Studio to execute the following SQL query on the project's RDB

SELECT     oid, DeletedBy, DateDeleted, DBType
FROM         JDeletedObjects
WHERE     (DateDeleted > CAST('2011-11-10 06:00:00' AS datetime)) AND (DateDeleted < CAST('2011-11-10 09:00:00' AS datetime))
ORDER BY DateDeleted

In SQL Manager, right click on the database name and select "New Query" command. Then in the query window, paste the above code and modify the data and time accordingly. When ready, right click and select "Execute".

Note: The time used to store objects in SQL is the GMT time. If your local time zone is GMT+N hours, to get correct results from the SQL query, the time specified in the query has to be (minus) -N hours and vice versa, if your local time is GMT-N hours, then add N hours to the time specified in the query.

In the example screenshot below the users' names are deleted from the image.

Note, the history stored in RDB JDeletedObjects will be dismissed on performing database maintenance using the option "Delete database objects that users have deleted from model".