PDMS to Tribon modeling comparison

2011/10/16 21:15

1. Scope

The scope of this document is a simplified model comparison based on PDMS Structural Design and TRIBON Hull Design.

2. Purpose

The purpose of this document is to give an overview of two 3D- modeling systems and underline the differences between them.

3. General

PDMS provides powerful interactive functions, for example, Lists for model manipulation, whereas Tribon still heavily relies on manipulating of the schemes and batch modeling.

ConceptHierarchy (picture 1)Panel (scheme)
TopologyReference to element (picture 2) (Pline/Ppoint/Snode/Sjoint)Reference to name (Sur/Pln/Pan/Pan Part/Pnt)
Coordinate SystemAbsolute (X/Y/Z)Relative (FR/LP/LP)
StandardsCatalogue DatabaseStandards Database
PositioningPline/Ppoint > JustificationMould line > Material side
EditingElement (command window)Panel (scheme)
Model UpdatesAlign Snodes (picture 3)Recreate panel (scheme)
Model ChecksLists & ReportsPanels (schemes) & Utilities
View Types3D- view2D- & 3D- views
Object StatusClaimed/UnclaimedLocked/Unlocked
Build StrategyHierarchy within Design applicationWOP (separate application)
End ConnectionsSnodesEnd connection table
End CutsSjointsEnd cut table

Table 1, Model Comparison

Picture 1, PDMS Structural Database Hierarchy

Picture 2, Plines for I-beam

Picture 3, Connection of sections


- Section 2 is connected to section 1.

- Justification (based on pline) is NA for section 1 and TOS for section 2.

- Position of section 2 is determined by justifications of sections 1 and 2,

see picture 2 above for possible justifications for I-beam.

- Snode (asterisk in picture 3) determines the end connection (length) for section 2 and is

based on pline rule when connecting sections.

- SJoint (arrow line in picture 3) has the connection reference (CREF) pointing to section 2

and determines the end cut, which in turn is based on specification reference (SPREF).

- Plines correspond topology points in Tribon in a sense of referring to an existing

profile, but elements modeled using plines do not get updated, but only initially positioned.

- For additional information, refer to “PDMS Terms”, “PDMS Query Commands”,

“PDMS Lists” or “PDMS Reports”.

Article written by Marko Ervonmaa