PDMS to Tribon Drafting comparison

2011/10/16 21:15

1. Scope

The scope of this document is to provide a simplified comparison based on PDMS Draft and Tribon Drafting.

2. Purpose

The purpose of this document is to give an overview of two 3D- drafting systems and underline the differences between them.

3. General

PDMS Draft provides comprehensive functions to create a fully dimensioned and annotated drawing, where all dimensions and labels (comprising texts and/or graphics) can be “intelligent”, ie. referenced to the model and thus can be updated. The manipulation of these elements is done by changing their attributes and can be done either by using menus or by typing in the Command Window. Picture 2 shows a portion of a typical view and pictures 3-5 shows some of the “intelligent” texts related to that view.

Tribon Drafting does not allow to update dimensions or texts. The exception to that are position number notes, assembly notes, bevel notes and configurable notes. Note that all these notes are set by admin and cannot be changed by the user.

Another difference is the view creation. PDMS Draft is based on the concept of “Drawlist”, which is a collection of model elements to be included and/or excluded. These elements appear in the view to be created. The representation of the view is defined by “Rules”, ie. Colors, line types, etc. Picture 7 shows the main form to create and/or modify a view.

In PDMS Report- utility can be used to extract any information on the drawings, views etc. In Tribon to be able to extract drawing information, Data Extraction- utility needs to be used which is not a built-in function within Draft, but a separate application.

ConceptHierarchy (picture 1)View
View ContentsDrawlistInput Model / Slice Model
DimensionsUpdateableNot updateable
Labels (Notes)UpdateablePartly Updateable
View ManipulationAttributes and RulesDefaults

Table 1, Draft Comparison

Picture 1, Simplified PDMS Draft Database Hierarchy

Picture 2, Partial PDMS View


Picture 3, TITLE- attribute for View.

Btext #<#VTITL

Picture 4, BTEXT- attribute for Text referring to the view’s VTITL- attribute.

Ddname SCTN 4 of FRMWORK /SAEHA-PSM/M01_3637/E3387

Pltxt TOS EL. #dimposdd(c3:)

Picture 5, Dimension’s DDNAME- attribute referring to the section (location) and PLTEXT- attribute referring to the text (text contents and dimension format).

Picture 6, Partial hierarchy below View- level

Picture 7, View Create/Modify- form

Article written by Marko Ervonmaa