PDMS Terms

2011/10/25 20:35
CATREFCatalogue Reference
CREFConnection Reference
REFElement Reference
SPRESpecification Reference

CECurrent Element
WRTWith Respect To
NEQNot equal
GTGreater than
GEGreater than or equal
LELess than or equal
LTLess than

CHSCircular Hollow Section
PFCParallel Flange Channel
RHSRectangular Hollow Section
UAUnequal Angle
UBUniversal Beam
UCUniversal Column

FRMWFramework (structural components)Does not have pos
SBFRSub-framework (structural components)Pos has to be 0,0,0
SUBSSub-structurePos has to be 0,0,0
STRUStructurePos has to be 0,0,0
WORLDFirst element in hierarchy
SITESecond element in hierarchyPos has to be 0,0,0
ZONEThird element in hierarchyPos has to be 0,0,0

NXTRNegative Extrusion (box, cylinder etc)
PAVEPanel Vertex (plate point)
PLINERef line running along the length of the sctn
PPOINTPave Point
PNODEPrimary Node
PJOIPrimary Joint
PLOOPanelLoopDoes not have pos
SNODESecondary NodePos relative to owner
SJOISecondary JointPos relative to owner
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