PDMS Reports

2011/10/25 20:55

 - Select Utilities > Reports > Create...

- Key in Selection fields (see pictures 1 and 2)

- Press New- button to add column and in key the Expression needed (see picture3).

Note that new column is created above selected column.

- Picture 4 shows layout settings for column 1.

- Apply and results will be shown in Command Window (Destination set to “Screen”).

- Example results for report created in picture 1 can be seen in picture 5.

Picture 1, Report for sections and panels to be created

Picture 2, Report for site, zone and stru to be created

Picture 3, Settings for column 2 (SPRE)

Picture 4, Layout settings for column 1

Picture 5, Results for report created in picture 1

Article written by Marko Ervonmaa