PDMS Guides by Marko Envormaa

2011/10/25 20:15

The following set of guides are created by Marko Envormaa to help him understand the differences between the modeling and drafting concepts and between Tribon Hull and Vantage PDMS Structural design while using it as a structural designer on both types, onshore and offshore projects. The author has kindly agree to share these documents with all who are interesting in his findings:

"My very short PDMS experience is based on using the last 12 months VANTAGE PDMS v11.5 Structural Design- and Draft- modules on two onshore- and two offshore- projects as a Structural Designer.

During this time I have not been exposed on system/admin or programming related tasks, so I cannot comment on the differences between the two software. The only thing related to customized environment is that I’ve been using different customized programs within PDMS either to automate some tasks or to replace some of the standard PDMS functionality.

To help me understand the differences between the Modeling and Drafting-concepts I created comparison documents, which truthfully are not complete or even accurate enough, since the comparison is made between Tribon Hull and VANTAGE PDMS.

Anyway, I’m willing to share these above documents in case anyone is interested.


Note also that I'm commenting VANTAGE PDMS on these documents, not VANTAGE Marine (VM), though some of the concepts can be applied to VM also, such as the object hierarchy in the database."

Marko Ervonmaa

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PDMS guide | Beginners: Interface, Settings, Modeling and Drafting




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PDMS to Tribon Drafting comparison

PDMS to Tribon modeling comparison

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