MBM Project - Tribon utilities download

2011/10/16 21:25


When you download, copy, run or use by any other way, any of the applications listed above, you automatically agree to the following terms and conditions
Check also what to expect when the time limited license expire.

Application nameLicense TypeDownload
MReplacePermanent, Freemreplace.zip
InformationOpen Source Accommodation ProjectDownload
OSAP for TribonThe basic functionality - first versionOSAP.zip
README.txtAccommodation default files, additional instructions and examplesACC_DB.zip

Vitesse, Python and other scripts and programs contributed by Tribon users

from the contributorData extraction modules by Yang Guang and Zhan QiKcsStructure.pyKcsComponent.py
from the contributorUpdated data extraction modules 18.09.2006

Here, we hope to see the improvements you have created in this project. Thank you in advance.

Terms and conditions

When you download, copy, run or use by any other way, any of the applications listed above, you automatically agree to the following:

  1. You can redistribute it (the application) as long as you do it free of charge and inform the person who receive it about these terms and conditions.
  2. You use the application and the information collected by using it on your own risk. The author does not take responsibility for any real or imaginary harm that might be or might not be related to its usage.
  3. The support for any or all of these applications can be discontinued at any time without prior notification.
  4. Some applications provided with permanent or temporary free license may require access to Internet and access to our site, in order to make use of the free license provided.
  5. Your use of such application as per item (4) above, may be recorded for our internal purposes. We may collect the folowing information: Your host name, your domain name, the application used, the function used, your IP address. This information will not be provided to third parties and will be only used for information purposes and for our internal analysis.

What to expect when the time limited license expire?

In the most common case, we will issue new public license for another 3 to 6 months period. You will have to download the application again. However, we do not guarantee that the license will be automatically and immediately extended. If there is no new public license available, you could contact us requesting license for your individual work place or for your office network. If such happens, please be prepared to provide the following information: your company name, which of the applications above you have been using, for how long and on how many workstations, which functionality is most important for you and why.

The following activities would increase the possibility that your request for extended license will be prioritized:

A. Share your Tribon experience with the other Tribon users. Write an article suitable for our "Tribon Tips & Tricks" section. It should provide a solution to common Tribon users' problem or guide the reader to an efficient Tribon usage. Send it to us and we will publish your article and brief information about its author.

B. Participate in our CAD/CAM Users forum. Share your professional opinion based on your experience in Tribon and other CAD/CAM software. Give ideas for system and services improvement and help the other users to solve their particular problems.

C. Provide valuable feedback for the applications improvement